Well, well. Hello there.

So I am doing a BLOG . . . . . .   .    .      .       .          Huh.

I am not quite sure why i am doing a blog. I am also not sure who this is for.

About a year ago Dawn and I produced (a very short lived) podcast. I really enjoyed doing it but it took alot of work. For each hour of actual show time it probably took about 6 hours of production time. So between the time it took to make a show and our schedules it ended up dying a very fast, lonely death. So in a way this blog is the rebirth of the IDEA of that show.

Now I don’t know what this blog will be about. Me I guess. Well not JUST me. Just having a personal blog is egotistical, self-promoting, and delusional enough without it all just being about me. It will also be about my life…he he. I guess what I mean by that is it will involve the people in my life. For now anyway. I guess that isn’t much clearer.

So lets see. I am a father. So it will be about that. I am also an atheist. So it will probably be about that. I am also a husband, so I will probably talk about that. I am also a geek. So there will be techie stuff in here for sure.  I think who this is for is me. When I need to get something off my chest, or vent, or discuss something or maybe just announce something, I will do it here. If I come across something of interest this is where I will share it.

I don’t know if it will be entertaining to read(or even readable) but I hope it is. I am not sure how often I will post. But I am going to shoot for once or twice a week. Will this be “safe for work”? Probably, but I make no guarantee.

Anyway, this is my first post and even I am getting sick of my rambling already so I am going to end it here.

Talk at you soon.