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So at over two and a half years old, Cayden got his very first vaccine today. He hasn’t had a shot of anything since his first week when he got his vitamin K shot. So there was a small amount of anxiousness surrounding the day today.

In case you are wondering why he hasn’t had any of his vaxes earlier, well there are a couple reasons.

#1. Well we first started looking into childhood vaccines when Cayden was just about to be born. We didn’t want to get them just because we were “supposed” to get them. We wanted to get all the info and make a sound, educated decision on which ones to get and why. Well what we found was many websites, articles, and books from the Anit-Vax community. These are groups who believe that vaccines are very, very bad for you. They say vaccines are worse than the viruses they are protecting you from and can cause anything from seizures to autism to death. With autism being the big one. Basically they spout alot of stuff that would make any parent sit up and take notice and have at least a little bit of fear.

So we swore we would never vaccinate.

As Cayden was approaching his first birthday we decided it might be prudent to look into this again. This time with a little more time on our hands and not being stressed out about a new baby on its way we did a bit more thorough research. Through reading more articles like this one and this one(and many more) and a few books we learned vaccines are a good thing, very safe and side effects are there but minimal to non-existent. And I think most importantly, we realized most of the anit-vaxers were just misinformed or ignorant to the facts about vaccines.

So we were back on the vax train.

#2. The one good thing that came out of holding off for a year is we had found out that Cayden had a pretty severe allergic reaction to eggs(many vaccines in the past were cultured in egg, now it is only the MMR and Flu shots). So we were glad that we had held off because we didn`t know what kind of reaction we would get if we injected egg protein directly into his body. So we spoke to our doctor and she wasn`t sure if there would be a risk and maybe we should wait a while.

So to make a long story not too much longer a few weeks ago I made an appointment at the clinic and today was the big day. We had decided to only get the MMR shot, that way if he did have a reaction to the egg in it, it would be isolated and we would know the exact cause. So we told Cayden we were going to see the nurse and he was very excited.

The most surprising thing was that when he got the shot he didn`t even flinch. It was almost as though he didn`t even notice. I let him pick what arm he was going to get the shot in and I saw his upper arm almost instantly start turning red. But no reaction from him. After minutes his arm was back to full regular color and he was dragging us out the door so we could go have some dinner.

All in all a good experience. So now in a few weeks we have to go back and get on a full vax schedule. Hopefully the rest go as smoothly as this one did. 😉

This will be a short one.

We went to the PNE today. Very spurr of the moment thing. Had nothing to do today and had a few hours to kill so went on-line bought a pair of tickets and went to the fair with Molly and Kale. Only problem is, I only had 2hrs of sleep the night before. So now I am very tired and will be going to bed as soon as I post this.

Anyway, we completely passed up Playland. That would definitely have made it an all day thing and MUCH more expensive. So we pretty much stuck to the farm/animals section. Cayden got to sit in the cockpit of a CF-18 fighter jet, and at the end of the day had a blast painting some vehicles.

That is all I have the energy to explain right now.

Pics are up on Flickr and the link is to the <left.

Night, night.

I will say, I do. Now how much do I care? Not that much. I was really looking forward to the next movie. I am a huge fan of the books and in my opinion each movie has improved on the one before. And the Trailer looks sweeeeeeet, and creepy. Check it out:

So here is the quick story. Earlier this year there was a TV/movie writers strike. This caused a summer of crappy TV shows and “reality” programming since nothing new could be written. As for movies, these have a longer lead time. So anything that had a finished script could move into production and other major projects were either put on hold or just completely canceled. Potter was one of the scripts that was completed and had already started production. Since then Potter has finished filming and apparently is almost done in post. So it will be totally finished well before it original intended release date in November.

So it was quite a shocker when WB announced late last week that it will be delaying the release of Happy Potter and the Half-Blood Prince to the summer of ’09. Not only is this surprising because the movie will be finished well in time for its original release date, but every previous Potter movie has been a Christmas release movie. Plus they are wildly successful at the box office.

So what is the reason WB gave for the delay? Well they said they are still suffering from the writers strike. Not in the sense that it has hurt the production of the Potter movie but that it hurt the production of next summers movie slate and they no longer have a big blockbuster “tent-poll” release for next year. Then on top of that, if you add the success that WB has had with The Dark Knight(as of this writing TDK has become the #2 highest grossing movie of all time at over $471million) you could make the argument that they are fine financially this year and see a problem for next year. Hence the delay.

Anyway, the point to all this that I wanted to bring up, is a story that WIRED wrote yesterday. Basically it is about the fan outrage stemming from this move. There are online petitions, protests, writing campaigns, a Facebook group and even a proposed boycott for when the film actually comes out(as if that’s going to happen). I mean COME ON PEOPLE!!! Get some friggin’ perspective!! I am looking forward to this movie as much as the next person but its just a damn movie. If you want to get upset about something find something a little more constructive to get mad at. How about global starvation. Maybe our reliance on corrosive fossil fuels that is contributing to global warming. Or families living on the streets because they can’t afford a home. How about just pick out of the thousand issues that don’t get enough attention. Or just chill out and relax.

Lets not bitch and moan because we need to wait a few months to sit on our ass for two and a half hours and fill out face with junk food. I have an Idea. How about you just read the book again. Because no matter how good the movie is, we all know .  .   .    .       .the book is always better.

/end rant

So since we are thinking “out of the box” today here is something to wrap your mind around. Is the moon even real? Or is it some elaborate hoax that has been passed through the centuries. How do you know? There is some pretty compelling evidence that maybe the moon is a ruse.

The Mad Revisionist makes his case here. Go and decide for yourself:

Just be sure to read the disclaimer at the bottom of the page before leaving the site*. It is very important.

Hmmmmmmm. I don't know. Looks fishy to me.

*Just in case you missed it, this site is a spoof. Satire. The arguments being made here are intentional logical fallacies and proponents of this belief mentioned on this site are all fictional. This was designed to show the rediculousness of simmilar styled moon landing hoax, UFO, Egyptian pyramid, Alien autopsy, ect site around the internets. And its funny.

Oooooohhhh. My brain hurts.

So for some fun I have been trying to read(and hopefully learn) about Einstein’s “Special” and “GeneralTheory of Relativity. Yes for fun. Hey I told you I was a bit of a geek.

This is some pretty crazy stuff. I think everyone knows Einstein was a genius, most people just don’t know why. Well it was his Theories of Relativity. They were his Mona Lisa, or his Sistine Chapel, or 9th Symphony, or . . . .well you get the point.

You probably know the most famous part of these theories as Emc 2(where E nergy=M ass x (C )the speed of light in a vacuum2).

Come on, You had to be a little crazy to sport hair like that. Or genius enough not to care.

So anyway, the basic ideas and laws that Einstein’s theories try to explain is how mass, energy, light, gravity, space, and even time work relative to one another. And as you can probably imagine it gets pretty complicated and really starts to push the boundaries of how you perceive things in the universe. And what I find is the most amazing part is how someone was smart enough(and especially crazy enough) to come up with these ideas in the first place. Or maybe even more amazing is that after almost a century and countless new branches science, these theories still hold true 99.99% of the time(in case your wondering the only time they don’t hold true is when you are dealing with sub-atomic particles, in-side black-holes, and at the moment the universe was created[The Big Bang])

Well, I’m not going to try and explain it, as I would butcher it I’m sure, and I don’t want this to become “My Essay of Einstein and the Theory of Relativity“(say that out loud in a snooty British accent, it’s fun). But if you are looking to chalenge yourself and push your brain into thinking a little outside the box this subject will definately do it.

Yup. Thats right folks. We are pregnant again! Woooo Hooooo! Horraaaaaay!

Human Embryo at 6 Weeks

Human Embryo at 6 Weeks

Of course by we I mean the proverbial WE. As in Dawn is Pregnant and I am here for the ride. And support of course.

Now I know some of you are already aware of this, but I figured I`d send this out on my blog to try and reach everyone. I hope your not all offended that you didn`t get a personal call but that would be ALOT of phone calls.

Anyway, on to the juicy details…no your not getting THOSE juicy details. get your minds out of the gutter. So we are early in the first trimester still with a due date somewhere in the later half of April. Dawn has made an apointment with the midwife clinic and we have our first appointment in the first week of September. One cool thing we found out is that one of the midwives that was there for Caydens birth will be at this clinic starting January. So she could very well be the one who ends up delivering our new little bundle of joy.

As for how we plan on doing things. . . we hope to do things in a very similar way to Caydens birth. If all goes well we will have a natureal home birth again. So that will require a large tarp and a birthing pool. The one we had last time was a loaner, so I think we are just gonna go buy one this time.

I think the only main difference this time compared to last time is that unless it is medically needed we are not going to get an ultrasound. We don`t have a burning desire to know what the sex is this time and unless there is reason to believe something is wrong there is no need for an ultrasound.

So anyway, there we have it. I will keep everyone posted on our progress through this blog as much as I can and I am sure Dawn will do the same on her blog(

If you have any comments or questions please feel free to post a comment by clicking the link at the top of this post.

Buh buy for now ;D

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