Yup. Thats right folks. We are pregnant again! Woooo Hooooo! Horraaaaaay!

Human Embryo at 6 Weeks

Human Embryo at 6 Weeks

Of course by we I mean the proverbial WE. As in Dawn is Pregnant and I am here for the ride. And support of course.

Now I know some of you are already aware of this, but I figured I`d send this out on my blog to try and reach everyone. I hope your not all offended that you didn`t get a personal call but that would be ALOT of phone calls.

Anyway, on to the juicy details…no your not getting THOSE juicy details. get your minds out of the gutter. So we are early in the first trimester still with a due date somewhere in the later half of April. Dawn has made an apointment with the midwife clinic and we have our first appointment in the first week of September. One cool thing we found out is that one of the midwives that was there for Caydens birth will be at this clinic starting January. So she could very well be the one who ends up delivering our new little bundle of joy.

As for how we plan on doing things. . . we hope to do things in a very similar way to Caydens birth. If all goes well we will have a natureal home birth again. So that will require a large tarp and a birthing pool. The one we had last time was a loaner, so I think we are just gonna go buy one this time.

I think the only main difference this time compared to last time is that unless it is medically needed we are not going to get an ultrasound. We don`t have a burning desire to know what the sex is this time and unless there is reason to believe something is wrong there is no need for an ultrasound.

So anyway, there we have it. I will keep everyone posted on our progress through this blog as much as I can and I am sure Dawn will do the same on her blog(www.dawnrachele.wordpress.com)

If you have any comments or questions please feel free to post a comment by clicking the link at the top of this post.

Buh buy for now ;D