Oooooohhhh. My brain hurts.

So for some fun I have been trying to read(and hopefully learn) about Einstein’s “Special” and “GeneralTheory of Relativity. Yes for fun. Hey I told you I was a bit of a geek.

This is some pretty crazy stuff. I think everyone knows Einstein was a genius, most people just don’t know why. Well it was his Theories of Relativity. They were his Mona Lisa, or his Sistine Chapel, or 9th Symphony, or . . . .well you get the point.

You probably know the most famous part of these theories as Emc 2(where E nergy=M ass x (C )the speed of light in a vacuum2).

Come on, You had to be a little crazy to sport hair like that. Or genius enough not to care.

So anyway, the basic ideas and laws that Einstein’s theories try to explain is how mass, energy, light, gravity, space, and even time work relative to one another. And as you can probably imagine it gets pretty complicated and really starts to push the boundaries of how you perceive things in the universe. And what I find is the most amazing part is how someone was smart enough(and especially crazy enough) to come up with these ideas in the first place. Or maybe even more amazing is that after almost a century and countless new branches science, these theories still hold true 99.99% of the time(in case your wondering the only time they don’t hold true is when you are dealing with sub-atomic particles, in-side black-holes, and at the moment the universe was created[The Big Bang])

Well, I’m not going to try and explain it, as I would butcher it I’m sure, and I don’t want this to become “My Essay of Einstein and the Theory of Relativity“(say that out loud in a snooty British accent, it’s fun). But if you are looking to chalenge yourself and push your brain into thinking a little outside the box this subject will definately do it.