I will say, I do. Now how much do I care? Not that much. I was really looking forward to the next movie. I am a huge fan of the books and in my opinion each movie has improved on the one before. And the Trailer looks sweeeeeeet, and creepy. Check it out:

So here is the quick story. Earlier this year there was a TV/movie writers strike. This caused a summer of crappy TV shows and “reality” programming since nothing new could be written. As for movies, these have a longer lead time. So anything that had a finished script could move into production and other major projects were either put on hold or just completely canceled. Potter was one of the scripts that was completed and had already started production. Since then Potter has finished filming and apparently is almost done in post. So it will be totally finished well before it original intended release date in November.

So it was quite a shocker when WB announced late last week that it will be delaying the release of Happy Potter and the Half-Blood Prince to the summer of ’09. Not only is this surprising because the movie will be finished well in time for its original release date, but every previous Potter movie has been a Christmas release movie. Plus they are wildly successful at the box office.

So what is the reason WB gave for the delay? Well they said they are still suffering from the writers strike. Not in the sense that it has hurt the production of the Potter movie but that it hurt the production of next summers movie slate and they no longer have a big blockbuster “tent-poll” release for next year. Then on top of that, if you add the success that WB has had with The Dark Knight(as of this writing TDK has become the #2 highest grossing movie of all time at over $471million) you could make the argument that they are fine financially this year and see a problem for next year. Hence the delay.

Anyway, the point to all this that I wanted to bring up, is a story that WIRED wrote yesterday. Basically it is about the fan outrage stemming from this move. There are online petitions, protests, writing campaigns, a Facebook group and even a proposed boycott for when the film actually comes out(as if that’s going to happen). I mean COME ON PEOPLE!!! Get some friggin’ perspective!! I am looking forward to this movie as much as the next person but its just a damn movie. If you want to get upset about something find something a little more constructive to get mad at. How about global starvation. Maybe our reliance on corrosive fossil fuels that is contributing to global warming. Or families living on the streets because they can’t afford a home. How about just pick out of the thousand issues that don’t get enough attention. Or just chill out and relax.

Lets not bitch and moan because we need to wait a few months to sit on our ass for two and a half hours and fill out face with junk food. I have an Idea. How about you just read the book again. Because no matter how good the movie is, we all know .  .   .    .       .the book is always better.

/end rant