This will be a short one.

We went to the PNE today. Very spurr of the moment thing. Had nothing to do today and had a few hours to kill so went on-line bought a pair of tickets and went to the fair with Molly and Kale. Only problem is, I only had 2hrs of sleep the night before. So now I am very tired and will be going to bed as soon as I post this.

Anyway, we completely passed up Playland. That would definitely have made it an all day thing and MUCH more expensive. So we pretty much stuck to the farm/animals section. Cayden got to sit in the cockpit of a CF-18 fighter jet, and at the end of the day had a blast painting some vehicles.

That is all I have the energy to explain right now.

Pics are up on Flickr and the link is to the <left.

Night, night.