So at over two and a half years old, Cayden got his very first vaccine today. He hasn’t had a shot of anything since his first week when he got his vitamin K shot. So there was a small amount of anxiousness surrounding the day today.

In case you are wondering why he hasn’t had any of his vaxes earlier, well there are a couple reasons.

#1. Well we first started looking into childhood vaccines when Cayden was just about to be born. We didn’t want to get them just because we were “supposed” to get them. We wanted to get all the info and make a sound, educated decision on which ones to get and why. Well what we found was many websites, articles, and books from the Anit-Vax community. These are groups who believe that vaccines are very, very bad for you. They say vaccines are worse than the viruses they are protecting you from and can cause anything from seizures to autism to death. With autism being the big one. Basically they spout alot of stuff that would make any parent sit up and take notice and have at least a little bit of fear.

So we swore we would never vaccinate.

As Cayden was approaching his first birthday we decided it might be prudent to look into this again. This time with a little more time on our hands and not being stressed out about a new baby on its way we did a bit more thorough research. Through reading more articles like this one and this one(and many more) and a few books we learned vaccines are a good thing, very safe and side effects are there but minimal to non-existent. And I think most importantly, we realized most of the anit-vaxers were just misinformed or ignorant to the facts about vaccines.

So we were back on the vax train.

#2. The one good thing that came out of holding off for a year is we had found out that Cayden had a pretty severe allergic reaction to eggs(many vaccines in the past were cultured in egg, now it is only the MMR and Flu shots). So we were glad that we had held off because we didn`t know what kind of reaction we would get if we injected egg protein directly into his body. So we spoke to our doctor and she wasn`t sure if there would be a risk and maybe we should wait a while.

So to make a long story not too much longer a few weeks ago I made an appointment at the clinic and today was the big day. We had decided to only get the MMR shot, that way if he did have a reaction to the egg in it, it would be isolated and we would know the exact cause. So we told Cayden we were going to see the nurse and he was very excited.

The most surprising thing was that when he got the shot he didn`t even flinch. It was almost as though he didn`t even notice. I let him pick what arm he was going to get the shot in and I saw his upper arm almost instantly start turning red. But no reaction from him. After minutes his arm was back to full regular color and he was dragging us out the door so we could go have some dinner.

All in all a good experience. So now in a few weeks we have to go back and get on a full vax schedule. Hopefully the rest go as smoothly as this one did. đŸ˜‰