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Here is a hilarious pic that has been floating around the blogosphere. Just thought I’d share. Feel free to copy and save it for yourself. It could come in very handy if you frequent any message boards.


So I came across this story on the BBC News site a couple of weeks ago and thought I’d share. It is a story from June 2006 about a religious man who wanted to prove the existence of GOD. Not content to just reference the Bible or claim some miracle happened, he really went off the deep end.

The man decided to pay a visit to the lions den in the Kiev zoo. And when I say visit with the lions I really mean it. I guess with the idea that lions are GOD’s creatures, he shouted, “God will save me, if he exists”, climbed the concrete blocks separating the lion’s ‘island’ from the spectators and lowered himself into the lion’s den with a rope.

Once landing on the ground, “A lioness went straight for him, knocked him down and severed his carotid artery.”

So, does this finally confirm it.? Obviously, there is no GOD right? Ok, maybe the actions of a crazy person don’t disprove the existence of GOD.

Besides, this guy didn’t really seem to be strong in his faith. I mean if I was a GOD and I was hangin’ out in my celestial lawn chair, soaking up some prayers(I don’t know what a GOD would do in their off time, they might do that) over in some far space in the universe and I heard some dude shout, “GOD will save me,” I might sit up and take notice. I might say, “Hhhhhhhhrrmmmmm. Someone is asking for help let me look into this.” Then he finishes his sentence, “if he exists.”

Well screw him! He isn’t a believer. Let the lions at him.

Well that’s just me anyway. Guess its a good thing I’m not a GOD. Would be fun though.

This is an AWESOME little video clip. Just snagged it off a article(Top 10 Amazing Physics Videos). It shows Adam Savage(of Mythbusters fame) showing what happens when you breath in Sulfur Hexaflouride(a gas that is 5 times more dense than the air we brethe). Short and funny. Science can be so fun. Oh and p.s.    Adam Rocks!

Last weekend movie guy Don LaFontaine passed away. A very sad day in movie land if you ask me. You may not recognize him by name but you would definitely recognize his voice. If you have gone to the movies in the the past three decades you have heard his voice. Don was the guy who did the voice-over for almost all of the big Hollywood blockbuster trailers.

The guys over at Funny or Die put together a tribute montage of his most famous work to honor him. So check it out below.

I for one will miss hearing his voice as I get comfortable in my seat and settle in to my giant bag of popcorn. Don, we’ll miss you.

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