.   .    .  Uhm.  .  .  .  doin’ stuff?

Wow. I can’t believe it’s been over a month since I’ve made a blog post. I didn’t intend on it being this long. Really. I promise. When I started this blog I was intending to make at  least one post per week. But as you can see I’ve been slacking. Woops. Sorry about that. The past month has been busy(or at least it’s felt that way). Now truth be told, I am sure in the past month I could have found time to post what we’ve been up to, but I’ve just felt wiped. When I get home at night and help put Lil’ C to bed and start to wind down, I had the time but I didn’t really have the energy(or brain power) to sit down and write legibly.

Long story short. . . . I needed a vacation!

And now I got one. A short one, but I got one. That’s right. Right now I am off work for one whole week. Woo hoo! Good times! No work for a whole week! Ok, I’ll shut up now and stop rubbing it in.

On to what is new. It has been so long since I posted I am not quite sure if I remember everything that happened between then and now. So I will just post a couple of highlights.

Well first thing is Shawna had her baby. A very cute little baby boy named Rohan. Wasn’t the easiest labor for her but she did amazingly well. Dawn spent a couple of nights with her in the hospital so she could be her doula. We missed her at home but Shawna needed her.

b00042091After a couple days Shawna came to stay with us for a few days so we could help her out and she could get some sleep. Cayden was a big help. He loved being able to hold Rohan and help feed him. I can’t wait to see what he is like with his own brother or sister.

We also went and did our annual pumpkin patch trip with Aunt Dolly. Ok, so we’ve only done this twice, but it was two years in a row. So as far as I am concerned that counts as annual. Plus we do plan on doing this every year. I think it’s a really cool tradition to get into. This year we went out to Abbotsford to a place called Apple Farms.

b0004243They have a giant inflatable pillow to jump on, a maze, a couple of big slides, petting zoo(a pig tried taking off one of Dawn’s fingers, but we won’t discuss that any further due to emotional trauma ;), a U-pick apple and pumpkin orchard, and many other fun things to do. Cayden helped pick out the pumpkins and the apples we picked. It was lots of fun and we may go to the same place next year.b0004259

Thanksgiving was done low key. My Dad and Fiona came over and brought the turkey with them. If you want to know the best way to cook a turkey listen up. I will tell you right now, right here. Ya ready? You get someone else to cook it. There ya go. Done. Easy peasy.

Anyway, dinner was really good, and we all played a bit of Rock Band after. Well almost all of us. Apparently NO coaxing, not even from his own grandson, can get my Dad to sing. Oh well.

Then a couple of days ago we did our pumpkin carving. That was fun. Cayden helped clean them out then just played with a balloon and ate popcorn. The carving was left to Dawn and I.

dscf0005Our Halloween was pretty good. My mom came over and went trick or treating with Dawn and Cayden. I had to work the earlier part of it, but got off just in time to get some candy that was brought home. We all met up at Molly and Keva’s house after for treats and butter rum. Mmmmmmmmmm.dscf0013

Oh and apparently Dawn was very popular with the young teenagers that were out and about. From what I hear she got a couple hoots and whistles in her sexy “Death-Eater” costume. I will admit, she did look pretty hot.

Finally is Dawn’s pregnancy. She is now 16 [edit:17 ;)] weeks along. We went to our 3rd midwife appointment today. Not too much new, but we did finally get to hear the heart-beat. Very cool. Just kind of makes the whole thing seem a little more real. Dawn is still a little low on energy but over all she is doing good. Nice and health. We’ll probably have more to report on this as time goes on. We are still in the fairly early stages.

Oh and one last thing. I finally took the plunge. What I mean by that is that about a week ago I finally went out and got us a brand spankin’ new iMac. Ooooooo it’s pretty. And quite. I really like it. Some aspects of it are taking some adjustment and some relearning, but I think I have been fully converted. And I may actually be on the verge of becoming a full fledged Apple fan-boy. I mean we have the home for it now. We are an all Apple home now. AppleTV, iMac, iPhone, iPod, we’re an iFamily. I do just love how all of this stuff just works together. I may post some of my favorite software picks up here just in case anyone is interested cause there are some really cool apps. I don’t get why half this stuff is available on Windows. Anyway, that is another post for another time.

So for now, good night. And I promise I will try and post more.