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So this afternoon we took Lil’ C for his second round of vaccines. He ended up getting two shots today and everything went relatively well. After he got his first shot he wasn’t really a happy camper and once he realized there was another one coming he REALLY wasn’t happy. There were some tears, and if looks could kill….well, lets just say there would be one less nurse in this world. He even refused a band-aid from her. But after the shots were done and we mellowed out for a bit everything was fine. In fact, things were great.

Lil C's "Crazy Face" taken after getting his vax.

Lil C's "Crazy Face" taken after getting his vax.

Now there are side effects to vaccines. And I had always thought that after kids get a shot the main one is that they are usually pretty mellow. Well for Cayden, it was like an Atom Bomb of energy went off in his body. We had to go to Safeway and pick up some things. I was expecting Cayden to just chill out. Probably want to be carried and just generally be very “low-key”. It was just the opposite. He ran around Safeway more than I had ever seen. He was running and hiding from one side of the store to the other. We ran around produce, then we ran around breads. Then we ran around meats, then through the aisles. He was running, shouting, jumping, screaming, laughing. I just couldn’t believe it. He just had sooooooo much energy.

I guess with kids you just never know what to expect. You think you’ve got them pegged and they just turn around and surprise the hell out of ya.


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