So I was listening to the Stuff You Should Know podcast today(from and they ended up talking about the Great Pacific Garbage Patch. If you have never heard of this, it is a giant patch of floating garbage that is supposed to be somewhere in the Pacific Ocean floating around Hawaii. The idea of its existence has slowly grown in popularity over the past couple of years. However there is very little existence that it exists at all.

So I decided to send a letter off to the podcast and thought someone else might be interested in reading it. So here it is.

Hello guys. I really like your show and am always looking forward to the next one. However I was a little disappointed with the one about the “Great Pacific garbage patch”. My problem with it is that it doesn’t exist. There seems to be alot of information supporting the existence of this floating heap of trash, however after a tiny bit of research the existence of this thing really falls into question.

First and foremost is the lack of ANY proof that this thing actually exists. All reports are circumstantial, anecdotal and hearsay. I have tried to find a report from a single marine biologist who has looked at or studied this phenomenon. I couldn’t find a single one.  Almost all evidence comes from people who say they saw this thing floating off in the distance. No one has actually studied this thing.

Secondly, I could not find one picture or video that it exists. If it is real and documented (and as large as it is reported to be)you should be able to find some sign of it by simply searching Google images or You Tube. You can’t. All you find is pictures and video of other places full of trash and “talking” about the Pacific garbage patch. Again all evidence is hearsay.

Third problem is the size. I have heard estimates of size for this thing to range anywhere between the size of Texas to the size of the continental USA. Lets say just for arguments sake that it is 1/4 the size of Texas. I think many people/ships would be coming across this thing and there would be many pictures of this. If it was even 1/4 the size of Texas that would make it significantly larger than all the Hawaiian islands combined. This would be large enough to show up on a simple Google Earth search. It would Stand out to passing ships. You could see it if a plane passed by.

Fourth is the location. It is hard to pinpoint where this is supposed to be. Some say it is north of Hawaii, some say south. Some say east, and some west. And some even claim there may be two of them in the Pacific Ocean. One on each side of Hawaii.

Finally the best piece of evidence for its existence is in the UN Environment Program that was cited in the original article you guys referenced. However even in the UN’s own report they cited, “These values were obtained by visual sighting surveys of debris from ships.” There was no mention of any study or research that had ever been done. The best evidence even the UN shows is based on hearsay from “visual sighting surveys of debris from ships.” Not actual evidence.

Well if you do a little digging I am sure you would find that there is more evidence to contradict the existence of the “Great Pacific garbage patch” than to support it.

So that is the letter I sent. I am not trying to spread propaganda or trying to tell anyone what to beleive. But hopefully this spawns a little discussion and some critical thinking.