So, our little baby boy showed up yesterday.

3hrs old

3hrs old

He was born at 10:12am in our bedroom. It was an awesome experience. He was born into the water just like his older brother.

And speaking of Cayden, he LOVES having a little brother to take care of. He keeps going up and checking on Lucas. Giving him kisses on the forehead, and asking to hold him again. It is so cute to see Cayden hold his little brother.

Cayden and Lucas

Dawn is doing very well. A little sore, but up and about. She wrote up a little birth story on her blog. There is a link to the left if you want to read it. And who wouldn’t want to? 🙂

So lucas was born 19 1/4 inches and 8lbs. It seems we make baby’s a very specific way(Cayden was 20 inches and 8lbs). So it’s been a very mellow 24hrs since after the birth. A couple of people have dropped off some food for our freezer. Thank you very much for that. And we have gotten many congratulations and well wishes. And thanks for that too.